Digital DJ Pool

Complete makeover for a record pool

2018 - 2019
UX/UI Design for Desktop, Mobile and Apps


Digital DJ Pool (via Boana)

Duration / Year

~ 1 year | 2018/2019 | Fully remote


User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Interaction, Prototyping, Market Research and User Testing, Rebranding


CEO, Design Lead, me as a UX/UI Designer


As a full-time UX/UI designer at Boana, I supported our client Digital DJ Pool from New York in various projects in the course of 2 years. Among other things, I created a new product vision and conceptualized and redesigned the whole product experience in web and apps. We gave the logo a retouch and on top of that I designed all new landing and SEO pages and helped the client in other UX flows like a winback flow for former users or an improved uploader experience.